These are the specific services that I can provide to you or your company. What I usually do is to set up a first Google Meet or Zoom call to speak about your needs (around 30 minutes call) and then I will send you a detailed proposal for you to review and accept or reject. No strings attached!

Service 1. Landing Page creation

For any of your online marketing campaign, if you need a simple, well-designed, with a clear Call to Action page, I can customize it for you.

Service 2. Business website

Specially for Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs), I can design and implement everything about the website you need for your business.

Service 3. E-Commerce website

Using WooCommerce and my 10 years knowledge with this eCommerce addon for WordPress, I can really create the type of online shop you need.

Service 4. WordPress fixing

If your WordPress website is suffering any kind of issue, let me know. I will fix it and get all the technical part done for you.

Service 5. Technical Maintenance of your website

Backups, database optimization, visitors statistics, broken links, cached version, small tweaks in your content, load speed optimization, updates of the core of WordPress and its plugins, staging sites, spam filters… all that technical maintenance for your website that you really do not have to do, I can do it for you for a monthly based price.

Service 6. SEO optimization

Even if SEO as itself is not one of my main services, I have professional knowledge of WordPress SEO optimization to get your website rank higher in Google.

Service 7. Marketing Coaching & Mentorship

With each client, I always end up (mostly in the earlier stages, at the discovery phase) talking with them for hours about their idea, how to make it possible, what could work and what will not work at all, and in general saving them time in their online strategy. That’s why I decided to offer this service, hourly based, through Google Meet or Zoom, to answer your questions about your own project and give it that push to start creating from the very beginning, in a correct way.

Service 8. Graphic Design

Even if my website creation services include already the design of the mockups, at some point I can provide you with more typical graphic design work: logos, leaflets, brochures, business cards, etc.

Service 9. Email Design & Newsletters

If you need to manage a big list of clients or email recipients, and you need a professional design for your email, and how to send them to not arrive into their SPAM folder, I will manage it for you.

There you go! This is everything I can do for you or your business. Go ahead and just click in the big blue button in the top-right “Contact Pablo”. It will open an email, and you can already tell me what you need there. I will contact you and start our business relationship!

Pablo Cortés Carranza

Creative web developer

Passionate about web design at a 21st century level and using a creative process that I have developed for more than 10 years, I bring you web based solutions for your creative project idea. I will create a highly visible website that ranks well in Google and with the latest UX/UI advances applied. Just contact me and explain your project idea. I will take care of all the boring technical part. Let’s get your project done!

Born: June 1st, 1985 (age 37 years), Alicante, Spain.

Location: Alicante, ES & Rotterdam, NL.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Dutch


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