In this page, I just want to point out the Creative Process that I follow with most of my clients and projects. The process consists of 5 well differentiated phases. These phases normally apply for website redesign projects, but they are flexible for any type of service that I can provide to you:

Phase 1: Initial contact

Here we will have a 30 minutes Google Meet or Zoom call, to get straight to the point: your project needs or requirements. After the meeting and understanding everything you need, I will send you a detailed proposal, with my specific services, timing, and the costs. When you accept it, we will sign a contract, so you will get your back covered, and you will have a very nice feeling of professionality and reliability (and me too!).

Phase 2: Discovery phase

In this phase we are already in a business relation! I will get over everything you currently have (your current website for example), competitors you have, example of websites that inspire you (and will inspire me to create a nice design), and I will ask you everything I need to have a detailed idea of your current situation and how to improve it.

Phase 3: Structural map

With all the information from the previous phase, I will create a structural map of your new website. In that structural map, you will have, in a simple schema, the skeleton of your website or project. We will work together on it until it suits your needs.

Phase 4: Structural mockup

With the structural map already reviewed and approved by you or your team, I will create then graphical mockups, at a very structural level. This means no final content or design, just some squares and sample text paragraphs, so you get an idea how your website will look like. As in the previous phase, we will review it until it suits your needs.

Phase 5: Realistic mockup

This is where the cool part starts. I will create a customized professional design for your website, based on the structural mockups, your business colours, your logo, your brand, and everything that will communicate what you need to communicate in your project. I will need a lot of feedback from you here (for content, images, copy, logos, etc) so be ready to be annoyed by me a lot. This is the most important phase of the process!

Phase 6: Creating the WordPress based website

As you may guess from the working tools I use, all my websites are created with WordPress (at a very professional and customized level, not just copying and pasting from a template!). Here is where my magic will happen, and you have to do basically nothing, as you already worked hard with me in the previous phase. I will create everything in a way that you can add your own content yourself, easily, and without need of WordPress knowledge. Once this phase is concluded, your project will already have a very good first online presence!

Phase 7: Testing

You will receive the keys to your brand-new website, and will test everything. We will make sure together that everything works as expected, and we will fix possible bugs or missing content that I forgot to add (yes, I’m human!)

Phase 8: Optional Maintenance Service

At this point, the job is done. You will decide now if you want to handle all technical maintenance for your new website on your own, or if you prefer that I handle it, and provide you weekly or monthly updates regarding your site.

Do not forget to check my Services, and contact me to start your project as soon as possible!

Pablo Cortés Carranza

Creative web developer

Passionate about web design at a 21st century level and using a creative process that I have developed for more than 10 years, I bring you web based solutions for your creative project idea. I will create a highly visible website that ranks well in Google and with the latest UX/UI advances applied. Just contact me and explain your project idea. I will take care of all the boring technical part. Let’s get your project done!

Born: June 1st, 1985 (age 37 years), Alicante, Spain.

Location: Alicante, ES & Rotterdam, NL.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Dutch


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