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https://oyealzheimer.com/ > May 2022

Oye Alzheimer

Oye Alzheimer is a very cool initiative to, through the music therapy, help people suffering Alzheimer to remember songs from their time. This initiative has been launched by a famous spanish actress, Elena Gallardo, in collaboration with many spanish artists and musicians. I really enjoyed creating this website.

https://kulondoloza.mw/ > November 2021


Kulondoloza is a holistic communication ecosystem that gives voice to the Malawians to claim accountability and voice to the duty bearers to inform citizens on their responsibilities. Kulondoloza is the dialogue between the citizens and the government on Public Finance Management to reach a shared and ethical sustainable development for our country, for Malawi. This project has been financed by the European Comission, and I participated on it as web developer coordinator.

https://crossfitalc.com/ > June 2020

CrossFit ALC

CrossFit ALC is another box in Alicante that will take care of that lousy fat you hate in your body. This website will explain you the best method (nutrition included) to get in shape the correct way. Do not hesitate to visit them! I built this website with a lot of love.

https://crossfitplayasanjuan.com/ > June 2019

CrossFit Playa San Juan Alicante

CrossFit Playa San Juan helps you get in shape in an effective and very solid way. If you don’t know CrossFit, you should go to a free session if you live in Alicante. I have made this website for them because they are really good professionals. (And yes, I go to this box to train, can you tell? 😄)

https://bedelkatalent.com/ > April 2019

Bedelka Talent – Agencia de Representación

Bedelka Talent is a successful actors and actresses representation agency born in Madrid. They have several amazing projects on TV, Cinema and Theater, at a national and international level. Their talent comes “behind the courtains”, where its three partners have an extraordinary know-how in their business.

https://lauraput.com/ > February 2019

Laura Put – DJ & Actress

Laura Put is a famous DJ and Actress from Spain. She DJs in many international music festivals and have acted in several theatres and movies with national and international projection. Also, she is a verified Instagram’s influencer with more than 10k followers.

https://letterjacketenvelopes.com/ > September 2018

Letter Jacket Envelopes

Letter Jacket is an online shop that creates custom-made envelopes across the United States. With more than a hundred years of combined experience, their team of top-notch envelopeurs (yes, they invented that word) knows everything there is to know about the manufacturing, application, and customization of high quality paper envelopes.

https://stekirestaurante.es/ > May 2018

Steki Restaurante

Steki is one of the most successful restaurants in Alicante. It has a Greek-Mexican fusion food. They wanted a one page, simple, with a clear CTA for tables reservations.

https://www.restore.com/ > April 2018

Restore Hyper Wellness

Restore Hyper Wellness created a completely new category of care. Groundbreaking science meets expert guidance to help you proactively optimize body and mind – no matter where you are on your journey.

https://www.bnai-shalom.org/ > September 2017

B’nai Shalom Day School

B’nai Shalom Day School is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and serves preschoolers, as early as 8 weeks old, through 8th grade. Their mission is to provide a caring, supportive school community in which students achieve academic excellence.

https://progressivepost.eu/ > March 2017

The Progressive Post

The Progressive Post is the political magazine run by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), gathering renowned thinkers, experts and activists from the world of politics, academia and civil society, providing a critical analysis of policies, and clarifying options and opportunities for elected leaders.

http://caritasespanola.org/cooperandoconelcongo/ > June 2016

Caritas Española

Caritas Española is an spanish NGO that contributes with many humanitarian projects. In my case I contributes with the design and creation of the website “Cooperando con el Congo” that helps to gather information and resources for helping their citizens.

https://amcc-comores.info/ > January 2016

AMCC Comores

AMCC is a Worldwide Alliance against Climate Change, created in 2007 by the European Comission. It is present in 51 European programs, across 38 countries.

https://angelascasanova.com/ > October 2014

Angela Casanova – Artist

Ángela is a CUM LAUDE teacher in the University of Murcia (Spain). She is a long-experienced artist, with many awards and recognition in her sector.

Pablo Cortés Carranza

Creative web developer

Passionate about web design at a 21st century level and using a creative process that I have developed for more than 10 years, I bring you web based solutions for your creative project idea. I will create a highly visible website that ranks well in Google and with the latest UX/UI advances applied. Just contact me and explain your project idea. I will take care of all the boring technical part. Let’s get your project done!

Born: June 1st, 1985 (age 37 years), Alicante, Spain.

Location: Alicante, ES & Rotterdam, NL.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Dutch


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